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Hello, Entrepreneurs,

I’m Vimla Devi, The founder of NYC DOE Email and working on the Private insurance agency in Jodhpur. I am 32 year Girl done B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) in 2016 from Jaipur National University.

First off, I want to start by welcoming you to the blog. Perhaps you’ve found me via a post that I’ve written online, via the search engines, or on social media. Either way, It’s a pleasure to meet!

Here you will find a variety of helpful tips, tutorials and programs for solopreneurs and small businesses that have a small team in the insurance field also we will try to share essential t advance guides on Insurance.

A little about me…..

I‘m what you may consider being an “Entrepreneur at Heart”. I love all things entrepreneurship, tech and small business.

Before starting NYC DOE Email, I worked at Online Jodhpur Commercial as a business consultant helping companies increase their organic customer.

I currently have a network of business and news blogs, and I publish lots of posts across all of them, most of which are not free.

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Who is NYC DOE Email For?

NYC DOE Email will feature a variety of resources and information for small businesses and entrepreneurs that with a specific focus on providing tutorials and information that will help you learn how to insurance work for you and your business, use various tech tools and apps to further your business and tips on building your brand with social media.

The majority of the information published here will be geared towards helping independent small business owners and entrepreneurs with fewer than five employees.

Again, welcome to NYC DOE Email! I am glad that you stopped by. Cheers!

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In May 2019 of this year, I launched my first product, the “Online Jodhpur Commercial insurance guideline” that is geared towards helping time-strapped small business owners learn how to use various automation tools to put social networking on autopilot.

This program is full of templates, checklists and more for getting started with social media and also, learning to put systems in place that will allow your marketing to run on “cruise control”.

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You can give us feedback to improve NYC DOE Email review and guide via comment and from contact us page.