Famis NYC DOE Access Officially 2024

Famis NYC DOE: At New York City Department of Education (DOE), access to information is key for parents, educators and administrators in creating the optimal learning experience for students. An essential tool that is central in this regard is the FAMIS portal provided by DOE.


FAMIS stands for Financial Accounting Management Information System and serves as a comprehensive platform that consolidates information related to school management and student records. In this SEO-optimized post we will explore FAMIS in depth providing guides, contact details and steps needed for using this indispensable resource.

What does dayroom mean in NYC



  • School staff: Principals, or anyone they designate (often the person who initiates purchases) generally start purchase orders through FAMIS. They may seek approval from an approved person (usually the school’s head) prior to finalizing the order.
  • schools that are not public: Non-public schools receiving money from certain NYC DOE programs (e.g., NYS Loan Programs) could use FAMIS to purchase the textbooks and library materials as well as computer equipment.
  • Vendors Vendors who have been approved can log into FAMIS for receiving purchase orders, send invoices and keep track of the status of payments.

What is available to purchase by NYC DOE FAMIS?

  • NYC DOE schools can use FAMIS to purchase a range of services and supplies needed to run school including:
    • Materials for instruction (textbooks or workbooks.)
    • Technology equipment and library books
    • Classroom supplies (furniture, arts & crafts materials, etc.)
    • Cleaning and Janitorial products
    • Professional development resources

What is FAMIS?

FAMIS stands for Facilities Asset Management Information System and is a web-based software system developed by NYC DOE to track, manage and maintain school facilities under their jurisdiction.

Why is FAMIS Important?

FAMIS is indispensable for multiple reasons, including:

  • Maintenance Tracking: FAMIS assists schools in tracking and scheduling maintenance tasks to keep schools in good condition.
  • Budget Allocation: FAMIS facilitates budget allocation for repairs and improvements.
  • Emergency Response: FAMIS facilitates faster emergency responses by providing essential facility data.

Accessing FAMIS

Accessing FAMIS involves several steps.

  1. Visit the FAMIS Portal: For accessing FAMIS https://dfoforms.nycenet.edu/,
  2. head to the official NYC DOE FAMIS portal (insert URL).
  3. Log In: Use your NYC DOE login credentials to gain entry to FAMIS system.

FAMIS Dashboard

Once logged in, you’ll find an intuitive dashboard with numerous options:

  • Facility Search: Search and find your school or facility using search filters.
  • Work Order Submission: Submit maintenance/repair orders directly into our system, tracking their submission.
  • Reports & Analytics: Gain access to data related to the facilities on campus.

Steps to Optimize FAMIS for Your School

To best meet the maintenance needs of your school: 3.1 Request Maintenance and Repairs. To maximize FAMIS:

  1. Log into FAMIS: Use your credentials to gain entry to the FAMIS portal.
  2. Make a Work Order: Select “Make Work Order” and complete all required details such as type of request and location.
  3. Submit Your Request: Review your request, review its details and submit it for processing; once approved, you’ll be sent a unique work order number as confirmation.
  4. Keep Up With Progress: Use your Work Order Number to monitor its progression on FAMIS.

Budget Allocation

  • FAMIS offers budget management assistance for facility improvements:
  • Gain Budget Information: Log into FAMIS to gain access to budget information.
  • Allocate Funds: Based on your maintenance and repair needs, allocate funds towards specific projects.
  • Track Expenditures: Keep an eye on how allocated funds are being utilized for facility improvements.

Emergency Response

FAMIS plays a vital role in emergency situations:

  1. Emergency Contacts: Ensure that your school’s emergency contact information is up to date on FAMIS.
  2. Emergency Procedures: Familiarize yourself and your staff with emergency response procedures available on FAMIS.

Contacting FAMIS Support

For any FAMIS-related inquiries or issues, you can reach out to the NYC DOE as follows.

FAMIS Help Desk: Please call the FAMIS Help Desk on (insert phone number or email address here) for technical support, while NYC DOE Facilities Division should be reached out for general inquiries and support.

When encountering issues with FAMIS: Troubleshooting When issues with FAMIS arise:

Clear Your Browser Cache: First, clear your browser cache before trying to log back in again.
Check System Status: For updates regarding system status or known issues, visit FAMIS portal.

What does FAMIS stand for?

FAMIS stands for Facilities Asset Management Information System.

Why is FAMIS essential to the NYC DOE?

FAMIS plays an essential role in efficiently overseeing school facilities and creating an optimum learning environment.

How can I access FAMIS system?

You can gain access to FAMIS system through the official NYC DOE FAMIS portal with your login credentials.

What information can I find on the FAMIS dashboard?

The FAMIS dashboard offers options for facility search, work order submission and accessing reports and analytics related to your school’s facilities.

Can FAMIS Help Me Require Maintenance or Repairs?

To request maintenance or repairs using FAMIS, log into FAMIS, create a work order with all relevant details, submit it and you’ll be assigned an individual work order number that allows for tracking purposes.

How does FAMIS assist with budget allocation for facilities?

It provides essential insight into maintenance and repair requirements, helping schools allot funds towards specific projects.

What steps should I take to optimize FAMIS for emergency response?

In order to optimize FAMIS for emergency response, ensure your school’s emergency contact information is current, as well as educating yourself and your staff on the emergency response procedures available on FAMIS.

What are my options for reaching the FAMIS Help Desk for support?

You can reach the FAMIS Help Desk for technical assistance by either phoning [insert phone number] or emailing [insert email address].

What should I do if I experience problems with FAMIS?

If you experience any difficulties using FAMIS, try clearing your browser cache and visiting the FAMIS portal for updates on system status or known issues.


FAMIS is an invaluable asset of the NYC DOE, facilitating efficient facilities management across schools throughout NYC. Understanding its inner workings, customizing it to your school’s specific requirements, and knowing when and how to reach support are critical steps in maintaining optimal educational facilities in NYC.

By following the steps outlined here and employing SEO best practices you can maximize FAMIS to contribute towards bettering NYC’s educational infrastructure.

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