How Much Does a Doorman Make in NYC

How Much Does a Doorman Make in NYC: Doormen play an essential role in residential buildings across New York City (NYC). They offer security, assistance and a welcoming presence to both residents and visitors, making the doormen an integral part of building management.

How Much Does a Doorman Make in NYC

One way of understanding their profession is examining their salary range in NYC; in this post we will look into factors affecting doorman salaries as well as average compensation levels and industry variations to provide an extensive view of doorman wages in NYC.

Understanding the factors affecting doorman salaries allows employers to offer competitive compensation packages while prospective doormen can assess their worthiness in the industry.

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How Much Does a Doorman Make in NYC

Factors Affecting Doorman Salaries

Understanding what factors determine doorman salaries within New York is crucial for both employers and prospective doormen to gauge appropriate compensation levels. Some key aspects that influence doorman salary fluctuations in NYC are:

Location: Location is a significant factor when it comes to doorman salaries. In upscale neighborhoods or luxury buildings with higher living costs, doorman salaries tend to be higher in order to attract and retain qualified professionals.

The pay of doorman in NYC is contingent on many factors, including:

  • Union as opposed to. non-union: Unionized doormen typically get more pay because of the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Expertise: Doormen with more experience typically earn higher wages.
  • Building Type and Location: Doormen working in high-end buildings in Manhattan could be paid more than those who work employed in residential buildings in other boroughs.
  • benefits: A few doorman roles provide benefits that boost total compensation.

Here’s a rough idea of the amount doormen in NYC are paid:

  • Average Hourly Pay: Based on data from ZipRecruiter on 1 March 2024. the hourly rate for doormen in NYC is approximately $18.60. That’s roughly $38,976 for an all-time (40 hours per week) job.
  • Variation: ZipRecruiter also shows the range of salaries offered between $11.05 up to $28.14 an hour. This is equivalent to a annual variation of around $23,002 to $58,593.
  • Unemployment Wage As per sources unionized doormen in NYC are able to earn as much as $50,000 per year. There are some earning more than $70,000 with benefits and experience.

Here are a few resources which will provide you with more details about the salaries of doormen in NYC:

Building Type

The type of building also has an effect on doorman salaries. High-end residential complexes that feature amenities such as fitness centers, concierge services and extra security measures may offer higher salaries compared to smaller or older properties.

Experience and Tenure

Experienced doormen often command higher salaries due to their extensive knowledge, skills, and track record of providing outstanding services. Likewise, tenure in any given building or company could lead to salary increases as doormen become senior members of staff.

Union Affiliation: Some doormen in NYC are represented by labor unions such as Local 32BJ that negotiate collective bargaining agreements on behalf of their members. Unionized doormen generally receive higher wages, benefits, and job protection than non-unionized counterparts.

Job Responsibilities: Beyond traditional doorman duties, taking on additional responsibilities such as package handling, concierge services or security functions may lead to higher salaries.

Average Compensation Levels:

The annual salary range for doormen in NYC depends on several factors. While specific figures may fluctuate over time, as of September 2021 the annual average salary ranged between $30,000 and $50k depending on location, building type, individual qualifications etc.

Doormen typically receive a base salary plus various fringe benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off and access to union resources depending on their employment agreement and affiliation with unions.

Career Growth and Advancement Opportunities

Doormen who wish to enhance their careers and increase earning potential may consider joining the industry as doormen have plenty of room for advancement in this sector. With experience, dedication and additional training they may progress to positions such as head doorman, resident manager or building superintendent; each of these advanced roles typically brings more responsibilities as well as higher salaries.

Note that career advancement may also include attaining additional certifications or qualifications in areas like property management, hospitality or security that will increase earnings potential.

What do doormen make in New York?

Doorman salaries in NYC depend upon factors like building type, location and experience; on average they may earn anywhere between $30k-$60k annually in salary plus tips.

Is NYC doorman a good job?

Being an NYC doorman may be rewarding work for some individuals, providing steady employment with benefits and the chance to interact with both residents and visitors in prestigious buildings. However, it may also involve long hours and dealing with challenging situations.

How much money do doormen make?

Earnings for doormen vary greatly based on location and building type. On top of their base salary, doormen often receive tips from residents which significantly boosts their income.

How much do luxury doormen earn in New York City?

Luxury doormen may command higher annual salary compared to those working in residential buildings; earnings could range anywhere from $50,000-100k when factoring in tips.

Are You Wondering If Being a Doorman Is Stressful?

Being a doorman can be stressful at times, particularly in busy buildings or luxury properties where residents expect exceptional service and handling resident requests, managing packages and responding to various situations can add further to the job’s stress levels.

Do I Need a Doorman in NYC?

A doorman isn’t required legally in New York City buildings; however, many residential complexes with high-end properties provide these services as part of their amenities package for residents’ security, comfort, and an enhanced sense of luxury living.

How much should one tip an NYC doorman?

Tipping amounts can depend on both the building culture and level of service received from doormen in New York. As a general guideline, tipping between $20 to $100 monthly per resident should suffice – although more or less may be given depending on their relationship with them.

Do people tip their doorman?

Tipping doormen has long been an accepted practice in New York City. Many residents appreciate the services provided by doormen, and show their gratitude by leaving tips.

How much should you tip a doorman in a luxury building?

Residents in luxury buildings tend to tip more generously due to the higher level of service and amenities provided; tipping amounts could range anywhere from $50-$400 monthly per resident depending on what services are provided by doormen.

Are You Required to Tip Doormen in NYC?

Tipping is generally not obligatory, though tipping doormen is seen as customary practice if their service was attentive and helpful.

How much should you tip a doorman in India?

Tipping practices vary based on country and culture. Tipping may not be as commonplace in India as it would be in New York; however, if exceptional service was rendered then perhaps a small token of appreciation such as cash could be given as a tip or gift.

Do You Tip Hotel Doorman in NYC?

Tipping hotel doormen is customary in New York, especially if they provide assistance with luggage handling, taxi hailing or other helpful services such as providing advice about local attractions or information on hotels nearby. A tip of $2 to $5 per service provided should be given as payment.

Do You Tip the Doorman at a Hotel?

Tipping doormen is an accepted practice in hotels, especially if they assist with luggage or transportation needs. Tipping amounts vary based on their level of service provided.

How Much Should You Tip Housekeeping in the USA?

Tipping housekeeping in the US is customary, with an approximate range between $2 to $5 left per night depending on your hotel and service standards.

Does tipping hotel staff in the USA? Tipping hotel staff such as housekeeping, bellmen and doormen is common practice here as it shows our appreciation for their services during your stay.

Do You Tip Doormen When Requesting Taxis in NYC?

Tipping doormen for getting you a taxi ride is an accepted practice in New York, typically around $1 to $2 in tip is given in return for hailing one and helping with luggage.


Doormen play a crucial role in residential buildings across NYC, offering security, assistance, and creating a welcoming atmosphere for residents and guests.

Their salaries typically depend on factors like location, building type, experience level, tenure with union affiliation and additional responsibilities; on average they earn between $30,000-50,000 annually with potential for career advancement and growth.

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