NYC DOE Health Screening 2024

NYC DOE Health Screening one of the best health program which followed by most of country. Today i am sharing how to NYC DOE Health Screening working and also how you can use it.

Omicron has had an enormous impact on our city this holiday and many New Yorkers have struggled with this variant. The new mayor was advised by us that we felt it best to let our school system go remote temporarily while we work out the staffing issues each school will face when we return. He feels strongly that schools should remain open.

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NYC DOE Health Screening

We will do our best to ensure that schools remain safe during school hours. Our collaboration with the DOE and the city over the break resulted in expanded testing protocols and new safety measures.

These are the last details we were able find now that the new administration is in office.

NYC DOE Health Screening

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Aspect Information
Name NYC DOE Health Screening
Purpose Health screening is a process implemented by the NYC Department of Education (DOE) to ensure the safety of students and staff.
Process Students and staff are required to complete a daily health screening questionnaire before entering DOE buildings.
Method Health screening questionnaires can be completed online through the DOE’s designated platform or via paper forms.
Key Questions The health screening questionnaire typically includes questions about COVID-19 symptoms and potential exposures.
Compliance Compliance with the health screening process is mandatory for students and staff attending in-person activities.
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The New York Department of Education (NYC DOE) requires all students, staff, and visitors to complete a daily health screening before entering any school building, in order to prevent COVID-19 infections from spreading within schools. This screening also helps protect staff against being exposed to COVID-19 virus.

How to Complete the NYC DOE Health Screening:

There are two methods available to you for conducting health screening:

  • Online: Visit the NYC DOE Health Screening website: Paper Form
  • For those unable to use an online screening, paper forms might be available at your school for completion.

What Is Included in This Screening:

The online screening asks a series of yes/no questions related to symptoms of COVID-19 exposures, with examples provided as answers. Here is one such question.

  1. Have You Traveled Internationally Or from States With Widespread COVID-19 Transmission Recently (i.e. 14 Days Ago)?
  2. If yes, Have You experienced fever of 100deg F (378.8deg C), with or without associated cough, loss of taste and smell or traveling internationally within 14 Days?
  3. If yes then what were your actions taken and where have you traveled from.

Testing in schools

The in-school surveillance testing program will be doubled starting Jan. 3. While 10% of unvaccinated students were tested in December, the new number will be 20%.

However, the pool of students who are being tested is growing to include both vaccinated as well as unvaccinated.

Each week, at least 10% school staff will be tested if they express an interest. Schools should collaborate to establish a common process to determine who will be tested, if more that 10% of staff wish to be tested. If the school has the resources to accommodate them, more than 10% of staff could be tested.

At-home test kits

Over the break, schools received approximately 2 million at-home testing kits. Every week of January, school staff will be provided with an at-home rapid test kit that contains two tests the FDA has approved to help determine if someone is infected. These tests are quick and precise, which can reduce transmission.

Kits will also go to:

  • Students and staff in classes where a positive case has been identified will have to take the test twice over five days in order to monitor for COVID. The first test should be taken on the first night, and the second one should be taken on Day 5. The second test should be taken if the exposed person experiences COVID-like symptoms prior to Day 5.
  • Any student or staff member who has symptoms of COVID-19. These students or staff members should be removed from school and sent home to take a quick test. You should immediately take the first test upon your return home and then repeat it 24 hours later. The individual must remain home until they have had two negative at-home rapid tests results and are fever-free for 24 consecutive hours without taking fever-reducing medication.

These kits are intended to be used at home only and should not be taken to school.

The daily health screening has been updated with questions about at-home rapid tests results.

These test results won’t be uploaded to the screener. However, parents, students, and staff will need to legally attest that the results were valid.

Positive results for a student or staff member

Anybody who receives a positive result from an at-home quick test should immediately notify the school and start isolating.

Principals are instructed to immediately report any positive results of an at-home rapid testing to the Situation room.


Employees who are positive for an at-home rapid testing kit should remain home and adhere to the DOE’s COVID related absence policies.

Staff members of schools who have been fully vaccinated can return to work on Day 6, if they are positive for COVID-19.

  • Staff members must not have symptoms
    • Fever-free for up to 72 hours with no medication
    • No runny nose
    • A mild cough is not necessary.
  • From Day 6 through Day 10, staff members must wear a KN95 mask that is properly fitted and comfortable.


If students are suffering from COVID-like symptoms (e.g.,:

  • Fever exceeding 100°F or more or chills
  • New cough
  • A new loss of taste and smell
  • Breathing difficulties

Students who are positive for a virus must be kept in quarantine for ten days starting from the date of the positive test or the onset of symptoms, whichever comes first.

Students who have been positive for a test may be allowed to return to school on Day 11. A negative test is not necessary.

A change in policy means that both unvaccinated and vaccinated classmates, as well as close friends of students who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus, can continue to school.

However, they must pass a rapid or polymerase chain reaction test (PCR) and not show any symptoms. Students who have been exposed to someone positive outside of school must comply with the DOE health screening questionnaire. They should not be allowed into the building.

You can take leave of absence to care for a child, or another individual, who is in quarantine or for a child whose school has been closed because of COVID-19. This excused leave will allow you to stay at home for two-thirds your regular rate of income for up to twelve weeks. You can also take CAR days if you wish to care for a sick family member.

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Your chapter leader can alert you if your school is short of KN95 masks or rapid tests. They have a hotline that can be called for immediate assistance.

You should contact your chapter leader if your school does not follow the new safety and health protocols.

Experts in public health from South Africa and Great Britain told us that this new variant is not as hazardous as the previous ones and should reach its peak by January.

Although it won’t be easy, we will continue to work closely with our medical specialists to monitor the situation. We will also do our best to ensure schools operate safely and effectively.

NYC Schools Drop Covid Health Screenings & PCR Tests

According to new guidelines, the country’s largest school district (which serves approximately 1 million students) will no longer need to conduct daily health screenings in order to enter schools buildings. All visitors to schools will need vaccinations, DOE employees.

What are the details behind NYC DOE Health Screenings?

A: The NYC DOE Health Screening refers to an everyday health assessment process required of all students, staff and visitors entering any New York City Department of Education school building.

It serves to create a safe and healthy learning environment by detecting anyone showing symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection or who have come in close contact with anyone diagnosed.

How does the NYC DOE Health Screening process work? 

The NYC DOE Health Screening involves answering a series of health-related questions to evaluate your current health status. Questions typically cover symptoms like fever, coughing, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell loss as well as exposure to COVID-19 and can usually be found online or mobile application based.

Students, staff members and visitors must complete this health screening questionnaire daily prior to arriving at their school building.

What will happen if I fail the NYC DOE Health Screening?

If the NYC DOE Health Screening indicates symptoms or exposure to COVID-19, which usually indicates exposure, you are usually advised not to enter school buildings until further instructions from school administrators or supervisors. They may advise contacting them to inform them about your situation and receive guidance as to next steps, such as consulting healthcare provider(s) or getting tested for COVID-19.

Can I complete the NYC DOE Health Screening in person? 

In general, the New York City Department of Education encourages individuals to complete a health screening questionnaire prior to arriving at school buildings, either online or using mobile applications.

Doing this helps speed up entry processes while decreasing any delays or congestion at entrance points. Specific procedures may differ depending on which school and district one attends – it would be prudent for each to consult their guidelines or communications regarding health screening processes before proceeding with screening processes.

If someone fails the NYC DOE Health Screening upon arriving at their school building?

What will the results of such testing be?  If an individual fails the NYC DOE Health Screening upon arriving at their school building, depending on the situation and school protocols they may either be asked to return home or be isolated in some manner – perhaps following up with their healthcare provider for medical follow up, getting tested for COVID-19 testing or self-isolating as required by school policies.

Schools typically implement procedures designed to address potential COVID-19 cases to protect students, staff and visitors alike.

Notably, as public health guidelines and circumstances evolve over time, its protocols for the NYC DOE Health Screening may change over time as well.

Therefore, for up-to-date information regarding health screening process it is advisable to refer to official NYC DOE communications, guidelines, or resources as soon as possible.

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