NYC DOE Per Session Rate

NYC DOE Per Session Rate: For employees eligible to work additional work at the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE), per session refers to additional tasks performed outside their regular work hours by eligible employees.

Per session opportunities offer educators opportunities such as professional development, tutoring, extracurricular activities and administrative tasks that would otherwise not be possible during regular working hours. Educators interested in participating must understand both its policies as well as its calculations – this post explores this area thoroughly!

NYC DOE Per Session Rate

The per session rate is calculated based on an hourly rate that differs based on each employee’s job title and level of experience.

The NYC DOE establishes separate rates for teachers, paraprofessionals, guidance counselors, secretaries and eligible staff members as outlined through collective bargaining agreements; any potential revisions could take effect periodically.

Here is the table providing information on NYC DOE per session rates:

Title Tax-Levy Rates Reimbursable Rates Line Number
Principal (PR) $56.47 $68.33 2782
Supervisor (SU) $56.47 $68.33 2792
Teacher – Regular Grades $53.98 $65.32 3002
Teacher – Special Education (TR) $53.98 $65.32 3102
Speech Teacher $53.98 $65.32 3172
School Secretary (SY) $33.26 $40.24 3492
Guidance Counselor (GC) $58.03 $70.22 2922
School Social Worker (SW) $58.03 $70.22 2822
School Psychologist (SP) $58.03 $70.22 2812
Teacher Trainee (TN) $24.59 $29.75 3992
Teacher Trainer (TT) $53.98 $65.32 3262
Teacher – Special Education Per Diem $199.24 $215.48 3105
Prep Coverage (Teacher) $45.39 $54.92 0058
Ed Para Substitute $166.69 $180.28 6084
School Secretary $148.67 $160.79 3495
F Status School Secretary (Avg Rate) $282.00 $304.98 3495
F Status Special Education Teacher $414.00 $447.74 3109
F Status Guidance Counselor $425.25 $459.91 2929
F Status School Social Worker $448.55 $485.11 2825
F Status School Psychologist $449.00 $485.59 2819
F Status Supervisor $757.70 $819.45 2799
Ed. Para – Bulk $34.71 $38.43 6092
D.C. 37 Para (Family Worker) – Bulk $31.54 $34.11 6032
Teacher Aide $22.72 $25.16 6092
School Aide – Bulk (RAIDN) $21.52 $23.27 6214
Supervising School Aide – Bulk (RSUDN) $26.57 $28.74 6229


Per session rates also promote an environment of continuous learning and collaboration among educators, encouraging them to share their expertise, support student achievement, and contribute to school communities beyond their regular duties.

The NYC Department of Education (NYC DOE) has rates per session for those employees working outside of their normal time. This applies to services such as:

  • Pre/After School Programming
  • Weekend Events
  • Summer Programming

How To find the Per-Session Rates

There’s no all-encompassing website listing the entire NYC DOE per-session rates. You can however find them in these sites:

  • United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Salary Schedule: This resource provides an outline of the per-session rate for different employee positions in the NYC DOE. You can find it here:
  • NYC DOE InfoHub:
    The department’s InfoHub could have particular documents pertaining to the per-session rate for specific job titles or programmes. Search for terms like “per session” or “per diem” on the InfoHub:
  • You’re bound by your Union Contract If you’re a part of a union that represents NYC DOE employees (like the UFT) the union contract will specify each session’s rates for your job description.

Below are a few other points to think about:

  • Per-Session Costs vary The rate per session is based on the title of your job or experience level as well as the specific task that you’re working on.
  • Selection Method: Positions with per-session pay may include an application and procedure for selection.
  • Hourly as opposed to. Daily Rates The rates for per-session are hourly while other have daily prices.

Per session opportunities provide educators with ample chances to develop new skills, expand professional networks, and gain life experiences that may enhance career advancement prospects.

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NYC DOE Per Session Rate

Eligibility Requirements for Per Session Opportunities

Eligibility for per session opportunities depends on a combination of factors including job title, contractual agreement and qualifications of employees.

Teachers, paraprofessionals, guidance counselors and other designated staff typically qualify for participation; however participation depends on district policies, available funds, needs analysis of schools or programs offering per session opportunities and their staff membership’s availability to participate.

Types of Per Session Activities

The NYC DOE offers an assortment of per session activities for eligible employees. These may include, but are not limited to:

Professional Development: Teachers and staff may have the opportunity to attend professional development workshops, conferences, or training sessions outside their regular work hours in order to enhance their skills, knowledge, and instructional practices. These activities aim at strengthening both individual staff members and classroom instruction as a whole.

Tutoring and Academic Support

These opportunities may involve providing academic support to students through tutoring sessions, test prep classes or after-school programs. Such activities aim to reinforce learning while offering additional assistance when required.

Extracurricular and Enrichment Programs: Educators can engage in per session activities related to extracurricular programs, such as coaching sports teams, advising clubs or overseeing school events. Such activities foster holistic student development while enriching their educational experience.

Administrative and Assessment Tasks: Each session provides opportunities to perform administrative duties, such as scoring assessments, helping with data analysis or supporting school-wide initiatives. These activities help schools run efficiently while contributing to overall student success.

Significance of Per Session Rate

The per session rate plays an integral part in acknowledging and rewarding educators for the extra hours they dedicate beyond regular hours to student learning and school operations. It recognizes their hard work, dedication, and commitment beyond contractual obligations to support student learning and school operations.

Not only is financial compensation provided through per session rates; educators may use them as incentives to pursue professional development programs, extracurricular activities, and initiatives which benefit both their students as well as personal professional growth.

What is the Per Diem Rate at NYC DOE?

Per diem rates for NYC DOE employees (Department of Education) employees vary based on position and job classification. They generally refer to daily rates of pay for employees working temporary assignments rather than receiving regular salaries.

Do NYC teachers get paid?

Teachers’ salaries in NYC vary depending on factors such as years of experience, educational qualifications and additional certifications. The starting salary for newbie teachers with a bachelor’s degree began around $61,070 while experienced master’s degree holders who had over twelve years of service could expect over $128,000 annually.

How much is an NYC DOE teacher’s salary upgrade or increase?

Salary upgrades or increases for NYC DOE teachers depend on factors such as additional education credits, certifications, years of service, degrees earned or additional professional development completed by teachers. They may receive salary upgrades when earning higher degrees or engaging in professional development activities.

Are NYC Teachers Paid in the Summer?

New York Department of Education teachers typically are salaried employees whose annual salaries are distributed throughout the year – including during summer months – making sure their pay remains distributed equally across each month of employment, with summer pay arriving regularly as part of that arrangement. Thus, NYC DOE teachers do indeed receive salary payments during these times too.

How often are NYC DOE teachers paid?

On average, teachers in the New York City Department of Education receive their salary every two weeks.

What is NYC Hour Rate?

An NYC hour rate can refer to different things; such as an employee’s hourly pay at City of New York agencies or an agreed upon amount mentioned in contracts or agreements. Unfortunately, without more context it can be challenging to give a definitive answer.

What Is a Per Diem Employee in New York?

A per diem employee in New York refers to individuals hired on an as-needed or daily basis rather than full time or part time; these employees often fill temporary roles that arise on short notice.

What Is Meal Per Diem in NYC?

A meal per diem in NYC refers to an allowance provided to employees in order to cover the cost of meals and incidentals while traveling for work or official business purposes. This allowance usually is set daily, depending on both their employer and location of travel.

What Is Diem Rate (Per Diem Rate)?

A diem rate, or per diem rate, is a daily allowance provided to employees traveling for work that includes allowances for meals, lodging and incidentals expenses.

How much do School Aides Make in NYC DOE?

School aide salaries within the New York City Department of Education can depend upon factors like job classification, experience and union agreements; Average hourly wage between $15-20 an hour but individual rates may differ significantly.

Are You Wondering the Top Salary of New York Teachers?

Maximum salary for experienced New York teachers with advanced degrees and years of service was over $128,000.

Are teachers paid well in New York?

New York City is well known for offering competitive teacher salaries relative to other regions in the US, although cost of living factors often make covering expenses harder than elsewhere.

Which state has the highest-paid teachers?

This information can vary depending on the year and data source used, with states like New York, California, Massachusetts and Connecticut typically leading with higher average teacher salaries this could change over time so it’s wise to refer back to current data in order to get up-to-date information.


The New York City Department of Education Per Session Rate is an essential element of educational life, recognizing and rewarding eligible employees for work done beyond regular hours.

By providing financial compensation and incentives, it supports teachers in engaging in professional development, extracurricular activities, and initiatives which benefit their students as well as further their own professional growth. Furthermore, this rate not only rewards employees but also facilitates students in making gains academically by keeping attendance up.

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