OLR NYC – Leases (Security Deposits, Roommates, Sublets, and More)

OLR NYC stands for Online Lease Renewal for New York City and is an online platform provided by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development that allows tenants and landlords to renew rent-regulated leases electronically.


OLR NYC makes renewing their lease easier for tenants and landlords alike by streamlining the renewal process, eliminating paper documents and in-person visits for renewal. Our platform makes the renewal process faster for both sides.

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OLR NYC can refer to two distinct entities within New York City:

Office of Labor Relations (OLR): This is a division of the New York City government that is responsible for the municipal worker’s relations with employees. Here’s a brief overview of its duties:

    • Employer Benefits It is the OLR manages health insurance for NYC employees, which includes the enrollment process, processing of claims, and retirement benefits. You can find more information and resources here: https://infohub.nyced.org/
    • The Deferred Compensation: The OLR also oversees its own NYC Deferred Compensation Plan that allows employees who are eligible to save money for retirement by payroll deductions. Here’s some information: https://www.nyc.gov/site/olr/deferred/dcphome.page
    • labor relations: OLR OLR may be involved in agreements for collective bargaining with employees unions, as well as in resolving disputes over labor within the NYC federal workforce.

Benefits of OLR NYC

Convenience: Tenants can renew their lease from anywhere with internet access, eliminating the need to visit housing agencies or management offices directly.

Time Savings: OLR NYC’s online platform streamlines lease renewal processes to save both tenants and landlords time and energy while increasing efficiency in terms of reduced paperwork, administrative tasks and reduced chances of errors or delays during renewal processes.

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Transparency: This platform provides transparent information regarding lease terms, rent adjustments and any additional charges between tenants and landlords, encouraging greater understanding between them both.

Accessibility: OLR NYC provides 24/7 accessibility for tenants looking to renew their lease at their leisure outside regular business hours.

How to Use OLR NYC

Attend the OLR NYC website provided by New York City HPD to renew your lease online at their convenience.
Provide the required details: Tenants should enter their personal, apartment and lease details onto the online form as instructed.

Review and Confirm: Once all information is correct, review and confirm your lease renewal terms such as rent adjustments, lease duration and additional charges before submitting an electronic renewal request for consideration.

Wait for confirmation: Upon processing of the lease renewal request, landlords or management companies will review it and provide confirmation as soon as it’s been completed.

Distribution, Contacts and Official Website

OLR NYC is distributed online via the New York City HPD’s official website. For any specific inquiries or assistance with online lease renewal processes, tenants can either visit OLR NYC directly or reach out to HPD directly through one of their official contact channels.


OLR NYC makes the lease renewal process easy for tenants and landlords in New York City by providing an efficient online platform that saves both time and paperwork while increasing transparency in the renewal process. Tenants can take advantage of this service to renew rent-regulated leases quickly and conveniently to ensure an uninterrupted tenancy experience.

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