Shabbat Times NYC with Secrets Things Behind it

Shabbat Times NYC: New York City is an eclectic tapestry of cultures and traditions that come together in celebrations and observances that spans the year-long calendar of celebrations and observances.

One such treasured tradition for Jews in NYC is Shabbat – a day dedicated to spiritual reflection. We explore its meaning, rituals, times in NYC as well as any possible events surrounding Shabbat so residents and visitors alike can participate fully in this deeply-held ritual.

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Shabbat Times NYC

Shabbat Times NYC

Shabbat Shabbat (sometimes referred to as the “Sabbath”) is a weekly day of rest celebrated in Judaism that begins at sundown on Friday evening and continues through nightfall on Saturday night.

Shabbat Times New York, NY, USA · 11–12 Aug 2023 (25 Av 5783)
Shabbat Start Fri, 11 Aug 2023, 7:41 pm
Shabbat End Sat, 12 Aug 2023, 8:43 pm
Torah Portion Re’eh


Drawing its inspiration from Genesis where God rested after creating all things, Shabbat provides an opportunity for spiritual connection, reflection, and relaxation.

Shabbat Times New York, NY, USA · 11–12 Aug 2023 (25 Av 5783)
Shabbat Start 18 minutes before sunset
Shabbat End 50 minutes after sunset · change
Timezone GMT-04:00
Note Times vary per exact location


As it is a Saturday, March 9th 2024, I am able to confirm that Shabbat is in full swing in NYC.

Here’s a breakdown of usual Shabbat times in NYC this day:

  • Candle Lighting 7 March, Friday 2024 (around sunset) This is the start of Shabbat. You can determine exactly the time of your area by searching on the internet or by using the Jewish calendar application.
  • Shabbat Closes: Saturday, March 9 2024 (approximately 42 minutes after sunset) This is at which Shabbat ceremonies end. The exact time of the event will differ according to your location.

Resources to Locate the exact time of Shabbat:

  • Hebcal:
  • Many Chabad websites provide Shabbat time information according to zip codes.
  • Local Synagogues: Your local synagogue’s website or bulletin may include Shabbat times listed.

Shabbat Is Defined by Tradition

Shabbat stands out by adhering to a set of traditions and rituals:

  • Candle Lighting: Jewish households mark the start of Shabbat by lighting candles as the sun goes down on Friday – symbolising their departure from daily routine and entering a sacred time of rest and renewal.
  • Families gather on Friday nights for an enjoyable meal that typically begins with blessings over wine (Kiddush) and bread (Hammotzi).
  • Prayer Services: As part of Shabbat festivities, prayer services bring people closer to their faith while encouraging unity and spiritual reflection.
  • Rest and Abstention: Shabbat is a day to focus on relationships, family life and personal development rather than work-related electronics and activities.
  • Havdalah: When Shabbat ends, a special ceremony called Havdalah takes place to mark its end by performing blessings over wine, spices and multi-wick candle(s). This marks the return to regular week.

Shabbat Times in NYC

In a city as densely-packed as New York, time can be limited – making observing Shabbat times even more meaningful and significant. While its skyline may be lined with skyscrapers, families and communities all around New York unite to observe its sanctity each Shabbat evening.

Determining Shabbat Times

Shabbat begins and ends at different times each week due to sundown times changing, making it essential to consult trustworthy sources in New York for accurate Shabbat times. There are various online platforms and apps that offer accurate times based on where you live within the city.

Offline Resources

Many synagogues and Jewish community centers publish weekly bulletins detailing Shabbat times. This information is distributed both physically and electronically to ensure members can access accurate, up-to-date data.

Online Platforms and Apps

A number of websites and mobile apps exist specifically to calculate accurate Shabbat times based on your specific location in NYC. These platforms take into account multiple factors, including latitude and longitude coordinates to ensure precision. Popular apps such as “Zmanim” and “MyZmanim” provide customizable settings and notifications regarding Shabbat times.

Engaging with Shabbat in New York

No matter if you are a longtime resident or visiting New York, engaging with Shabbat can provide a special chance to step away from its hectic pace and connect with yourself spirituality and community.

  1. Attending Synagogue Services: New York is home to numerous synagogues representing various Jewish denominations, and attending their services on Shabbat can give you an immersive prayer experience and connect you with fellow worshippers.
  2. Exploring Kosher Dining: NYC boasts many kosher restaurants that specialize in Shabbat meals to comply with traditional dietary laws and provide an opportunity to experience Jewish culture through food. Sharing one at one of these establishments provides you with an unforgettable culinary experience!
  3. Engaging in Sabbath Walks: With so many parks and green spaces throughout the city, taking a leisurely walk on Shabbat can be a wonderful way to reconnect with nature while finding peace among all of its bustle.
  4. Cultural and Educational Events: NYC hosts numerous cultural and educational events related to Judaism and Shabbat that offer insights into its traditions, history and contemporary interpretations.

What time does Shabbat begin and end in New York?

In New York, Shabbat begins at sundown on Friday evening and concludes around midnight Saturday night.

What is the latest time for beginning Shabbat on Friday evening?

Before sunset is an appropriate time for commencing Shabbat.

What time does Shabbat end on Saturday nightfall?

Shabbat ends at nightfall on Saturday.

What day is Shabbat dinner held?

Shabbat dinner typically occurs on Friday evening.

How Long Is Shabbat on Saturday?

Shabbat on Saturday lasts until nightfall – approximately 25 hours from when it started on Friday evening.

Are we celebrating Shabbat on Friday night?

Yes, Shabbat begins at sunset on Friday.

What does Shabbat mean in Hebrew?

“Shabbat” in Hebrew translates to “rest” or “cessation,” representing the day of spiritual reflection observed by Judaism.

How long until Shabbat ends in Bronx NY?

The exact time that Shabbat ends varies based on date and sunset time in Bronx. For accurate times of Shabbat it is advised to use an accurate source such as this one.

What time is Shabbat over in Beverly Hills?

Shabbat ends at nightfall on Saturday evening – this will depend on both date and local sunset times.

What time does Shabbat end in Long Beach NY?

The end time for Shabbat can vary based on factors like date and sunset time; to get accurate information consult a reliable source.

What time does Shabbat begin in Tel Aviv?

Shabbat begins on Friday evening after sunset. Exact times vary based on date and location.

What date does Shabbat fall on?

Shabbat begins at sunset on Friday evening and continues until nightfall on Saturday; its exact date varies each week.

What time will Shabbat end in Brooklyn tonight?

For accurate times for Shabbat to conclude in Brooklyn tonight, it is best to consult a reliable source of Shabbat times.

How is Shabbat observed in Woodmere NY?

The time for Shabbat to end can depend on several factors including date and sunset time; to get accurate information you should rely on a trustworthy source.

What time does Shabbat begin in Chicago?

Shabbat begins on Friday evening around sunset in Chicago; exact times vary based on date and location.

What Time Is Shabbat in Montreal?

Shabbat begins at sunset each Friday evening in Montreal; exact times vary based on date and location.

What time does Shabbat begin in Teaneck?

In Teaneck, Shabbat begins at sunset on Friday evening – although its exact beginning time may differ depending on your location and date.


At the center of New York City’s vibrant culture and diverse population lies Shabbat as a beacon of unity, reflection, and renewal for New York City’s Jewish community.

By understanding its meaning and timings through various resources and engaging in Shabbat-related activities you can join this timeless tradition that spans both time and space – whether on busy city streets or within peaceful sanctuary walls of synagogues; Shabbat invites us all to slow down, connect deeply, and find meaning despite life’s busyness!

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